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Promises to Keep
Jane Green

Jane Green, New York Times bestselling author, sometimes referred to as “queen of chick lit” is back with her newest novel, Promises to Keep. Green knows her target audience well (women who don’t mind a book that’ll make you cry) and even more than that knows how to draw her readers in page by page. Moving the scene from the hectic hustle and bustle of New York City to the comforts of the country in Bedford, life also transforms for sisters, Callie, a photographer and stay at home mom, and Steffi, a chef, who both must deal with the unexpected surprises life throws their way. With valuable life lessons at the end of each chapter, along with a recipe that follows, the reader is left with a deep appreciation of the things that matter most in life like family, friends, triumph and good food.

Reality Check
Jen Calonita

Jen Calonita, Merrick resident and author of fiction series Secrets of My Hollywood Life is back to entertain her young readers with her newest novel, Reality Check. Imagine you and your closest girlfriends have been given the chance to star in your own reality TV show, designed to be all about your close friendship and normal every day lives. For Charlie, Brooke, Hallie and Keiran, four best friends growing up in a small beach town in Long Island, the reality is all too real. While the show promises to open doors and earn big rewards for the girls, the ultimate test is whether or not they can keep the promises they’ve made to one another to stay close and grounded. These four “besties” must hold on to the truth and their memories together if they want to maintain any semblance of what their lives were like before the show. And the producers aren’t making it easy…

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