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Great Grads


Fearing that she might be seen wearing the same skirt as somebody else, what she considers to be “every girl’s nightmare,” Mary Carroll decided to take it into her own hands, literally.  Upon receiving her degree in business administration in 2011, and after the suggestion of her mother, Mary started her own clothing line, “Minis by Mary,” in June that same year.

Mary came to UB because it was a university large enough where options were limitless. With the initial plan of working in higher education, Mary quickly realized that fashion was where her true passion was and could no longer deny it. She opted instead for a profession in business, hoping one day it would lead to the fashion industry.

Mary is determined to make that happen with her line of mini-skirts, which according to her, are about being unique and fashionable.

Still, there’s more to this ‘fashionista’ than just her budding business. When she isn’t busy designing and creating her skirts or expanding her company, she also serves as an Administrative Assistant at the Schenectady ARC, an organization that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities. There, she works with a team of others who help provide ARC’s patients with a better life style while enabling them to contribute more to the community.



Having loved sports since she was a child, Alison Wagner, JD ’00, always knew she wanted a career in the sports industry. She just had no idea what role that would be, but her time at UB helped her ambition gel.

As an undergrad at Ithaca College, Wagner helped establish its first women’s rugby team; at UB, she served as a graduate assistant in the athletic department. Both of these experiences were part of what she describes as the “weeding out process” that led her to her “dream job.”

Now, as the associate counsel for the National Hockey League (NHL), Wagner is the lead lawyer responsible for assembling contracts for events such as the Winter Classic and All-Star Game. She has attended all of the NHL Winter Classic games; however, only the first one, between the Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins, as a fan.

Previously Wagner worked for the Arena Football League for about eight years. Though the field she is in is male dominated, she has never felt that her gender has hindered her or challenged her performance. She is confident that “if you establish yourself as a professional, capable person, people don’t care whether you are woman or man.”

That said, Wagner does acknowledge that, although more women are entering the industry, the types of positions they hold could be improved. It is her impression that “women are not readily in top-level, decision-making roles for the most part.”

For that reason, she serves on the board of an organization called WISE (Women in Sports and Events), whose mission is to create and support programs that enhance the success and growth of women in the sports and events industries.


A childhood picture of Joshua Lynch, BS ’04, shows him as a toddler holding a Fisher-Price doctor’s kit. Though he can’t say for sure he knew at that young age, he wasn’t too much older when he decided to become a doctor.

Lynch chose UB for the strength and diversity of its academic programs. He knew that if medicine didn’t work out, he could choose from among a number of other viable options to pursue. The fact that his father, Thomas, is also a UB alum and member of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ Dean’s Advisory Council helped seal the deal.

The unpredictable nature and challenges of emergency medicine appealed to Lynch and led him to choose it as his specialty. In 2011 he completed his emergency medicine residency at UB and today he serves as an emergency physician for a number of different hospitals in Western New York. As if that is not enough, Lynch is also a medical director for a hospital emergency room physician staffing agency, a flight physician, a volunteer paramedic and firefighter.

“When someone comes to the emergency room, they’re going to remember that day,” he said. “Usually it’s one of the worst days they’ve ever had. My favorite part is the potential to really make a difference in somebody’s life.”



Phillip Galbo’s career and passion as a civil engineer stems from his favorite childhood toy: a Lionel electric train set.

“I spent hours and hours running the train, but I had the most fun expanding the network of tunnels, roads, buildings, bridges, an airport and [making]elaborate track configurations. I wanted to be the kind of engineer that built things, not the kind that drove a train.”

Now, as the chief operations officer of Watts Architecture & Engineering, P.C., in Buffalo, Galbo’s responsibilities revolve around plans to implement solutions that will improve the quality of life in Buffalo and surrounding communities.

Harkening back to his “railroad days,” his favorite aspect of the job, other than analyzing problems and working with clients, is overseeing the transportation department. This is centered primarily on the design and inspection of highways, bridges and related infrastructure.

From bridges that make transportation systems safer and more efficient, to designing streetscape projects that revitalize neighborhoods and enhance conditions for its residents and future investments, “being a civil engineer makes a difference and improves the way people live,” Galbo said.

Galbo’s work as project manager and his firm have received many engineering excellence awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies on projects recognized for design ingenuity, complexity, innovation and value to society, among other criteria.

NYC Fashion Runway

Anu Vishwanath

This couture designer from India has lived around the world from the Middle East to Australia and her designs speak of her travels. Her label, inspired by her global experiences, is contemporary minimalism, feminine and understated for the independent, modern day woman ‘who knows her game and loves to play fearlessly.’

Anu brings a blend of Eastern exotica and Western modernism to her style. She admires and designs for the free spirits who fiercely pursue their dreams and her designs carry understated feminine elegance with a sleek attitude, but her intuitive style is always ‘chic.’

Anu has previously worked as an ER doctor in Melbourne, but left in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer.  Anu has since served as a design intern at Marchesa, Edun Americas Inc., and Leota New York. Today, Anu is completing her AAS in fashion design at Parsons.

Berít New York
Britney Frady-Williams
“Bringing old world charm into modern day living.”
Founder and designer of Berít New York, Britney Frady-Williams aims to reawaken the richness and wonder of design throughout history with a modern, evocative twist.

From the titles of her collections, ‘Retro-Futurism’ to ‘Fairy Warriors’ and ‘Gypsy Folk,’ she succeeds in achieving Berít New York’s goal, which is to “reimagine everyday living and commonplace objects, envisioning the fantastic amidst the mundane.”

Berít New York is sourced and produced in NYC’s garment district. It has been showcased at London Fashion Week and has been seen in major publications from The New York Times, Italian Marie Claire, Supermodels Unlimited and Bust magazine. Some of her designs can also be seen in music videos and international documentaries on sub-cultural fashion.

Britney has been creating and designing since the age of seven. When she isn’t designing or having her collections featured in fashion shows, magazines, videos, and more, Britney works as a freelance event coordinator with specialization in fashion show production.

She has an AAS in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology where today, she is working towards her Bachelor’s.

Levi Bond Jr
Levi Bond Jr. is an up and coming fashion designer who specializes in neckties. Just not the kind you might find on the ‘average’ working man.

Le’juBon ties serve two purposes: to add flare to any outfit and to uplift people’s spirits. All ties are made from denim or satin and are covered with inspirational quotes such as “You’re only going through to get to.” They are a must have accessory for any guy or girl who loves to make a statement.

 Levi has worked in the past at Miami Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week. He is currently attending Westchester Community College where he is pursuing a fashion design degree.


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